Thoughts After Evaluation of Internet Security Suites

Test Results
While positioning our best picks for web security, we took a gander at their AV-Test comes about. AV-Test is a universally perceived association that has created supportive trial of web security programs that are viewed as the standard all through the web security industry. A few times amid the year, AV-Test assesses 20 to 30 of the most noted web insurance programming and scores them in view of how well each perceives present and rising infection and malware dangers, the amount it makes a PC slack, and how regularly it dishonestly recognizes a real program as a risk.

For our internet security review, we only ranked programs that AV-Test has tested. We evaluated each based on the most recent tests as of this writing, which AV-Test conducted in March and April of 2016 on computers running the Windows 10 operating system. Bitdefender, our best-ranking internet security software, is the only program to receive a perfect score in all three test areas: protection, performance and usability. However, Norton Security, Kaspersky and Trend Micro each scored higher than the overall industry standard.

Detection & Removal Tools
Since computer protection extends beyond virus and malware control, we looked at the additional tools and features each suite includes for detecting and removing internet threats. For example, parental controls with internet filters is a very helpful tool that allows you to block specific websites or filter content from being seen or accessed by certain users in your home, such as your children. Most of the internet security programs we reviewed include these features, along with time controls that let you inactivate internet access during specified times of the day, like when your kids should be doing homework or in bed. McAfee, G Data and Aviraall include these parental controls.

Another important tool that only a handful of suites have is a password manager. This allows you to keep your passwords to various programs, such as your bank account and social media profiles, in a secure place on your computer that locks down and does not allow a hacker access to it in the case your computer is compromised. It is also handy if you have difficulty remembering your passwords and need the reminder. Password managers are helpful because hackers tend to first look through unsecured files for documents that may contain passwords to sensitive files and programs. Avast is one of our top 10 that include password protection as part of its internet security suite.

An important feature to consider is social network protection. These tools allow you to see and filter content from social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can be sure your children are interacting appropriately with friends you know instead of inadvertently sharing personal information with strangers. Some of these tools allow you to disable chat features, making it more difficult for cyberbullies to send hurtful and threatening messages to your family members. ESET is one program on our review that includes social network protection.

One growing need in internet security area is protection for mobile devices, such as cell phones. Several of these computer security suites extend internet protection to your mobile devices. However, there may be an added cost to include this feature. Norton Security is among our top three picks and the only one of them to include mobile protection as part of its internet security suite rather than requiring you to purchase an add-on or buy a pricier program.

Help & Support
All of the computer security software we reviewed has email and telephone support available, though the times personnel are available by phone varies. We gave higher scores to internet security companies that have 24/7 phone support, since internet threats don’t happen just during business hours. Additionally, we gave credit to programs that have live chat for customer service and offer some weekend phone support.

Choosing a PC Protection Program

In some instances, a full internet security program may not be the best solution for you, especially if the cost is higher than you can afford. You can still invest in a decent program that will block and defend against the most common internet threats. We have reviewed and ranked the best antivirus software solutions that offer basic yet powerful PC protection. We also looked at solutions geared toward specific needs, such as Mac antivirus solutions and antivirus protection for small businesses.

If you already have basic internet security but wish to have access to the more advanced computer protection tools, consider purchasing internet filter software. These programs work alongside your antivirus software and provide the parental controls and content-filtering capabilities to help you keep threats such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content from harming your children.

Our Conclusion


A web security suite is useful on the grounds that it has a couple of a greater number of highlights than fundamental antivirus programming that upgrade the security or your PC. We considered the universally perceived gauges of the AV-Test comes about and took a gander at imperative security includes that assistance distinguish and expel web dangers. We reason that Bitdefender, Norton Security and Trend Micro have the best web security suites accessible, however the greater part of our best picks scored all around ok on the AV-Test assessments and incorporate a portion of the best safeguard apparatuses to in any case be superb decisions for general web assurance.


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